Singapore Environment Council

This page was created and is managed by the Singapore Environment Council, an independently managed, non-government and registered charitable organisation that strives to nurture, facilitate and co-ordinate environmental causes in Singapore. SEC’s work is founded on three pillars of action – firstly, partnership with the people, private and public sectors of Singaporean society, to encourage sustainable development. Examples of programmes that encourate the public to be more environmentally conscious include the Climate Change Awareness Programme and Green Transport Week.

SEC also rewards environmental excellence through awards such as the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award and the SEC-Senoko Power Green Innovation Award. Third, we also aim to train and build environmental expertise locally by inviting experts to conduct workshops and round table discussion sessions on a multitude of issues. SEC Also has a strong volunteer arm, which translates awareness into action through various dynamic projects.


Website: www.sec.org.sg
Email: gs.gro.ces|ihediav#gs.gro.ces|ihediav
Phone: +65 6337 6062
Fax: +65 6337 6035

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