Green Business

Green Offices

By being eco-conscious, your office can save energy, time and the environment! The benefits are mutual … use your green sense and dollars will follow. Here are some ideas to get you and your company on the road to a greener tomorrow.

Environmentally friendly actions don't have to be large to have an impact. Consistently reducing the amount of energy, water, and paper our businesses use can make a huge difference. How much paper would you save over the course of a year, for instance, if you always printed double-sided copies? A small thing - but the result is big!

Even during your coffee break and lunch-time, little things you do can help save the environment.

Going green on your company’s air-conditioning, lighting, water usage and transport systems could save lots of energy and money too.

For more information on how to make your office green, please visit Project Eco Office

Rewarding Green Business Practices

Singapore Environmental Achievement Award

The Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) encourage environmental responsibility amongst local companies by recognising and rewarding notable sustainable business practices and green efforts.

Acting to establish stewardship across industries, the SEAA encourages the adoption of proactive approaches towards environmental management and social responsibilities. Examples of specific initiatives include adopting sustainable technologies or practices, pollution control, waste minimisation, energy saving, water conservation and nature conservation.

The criteria for the award focus on assessing the leadership displayed by the company, tangible improvements in environmental performance made as well as the ability of an organisation to establish procedures, train staff and innovate in order to achieve environmental breakthroughs. By identifying positive examples through the respective SEAA winners, the Awards seek to encourage others to take similar action.

Previous recipients of the award include CapitaLand, Crusade Cleaning Services, Changi General Hospital, Neo Corporation, Eagle Services Asia, Alexandra Hospital, City Developments Limited, and STMicroelectronics. All have reported an increase in business growth and interests as a direct result of winning the Award.

SEC-Senoko Power Green Innovation Award

The SEC-Senoko Power Green Innovation Awards encourage companies to create or improve on products that both innovative and environmentally friendly. These Awards recognise innovations to improve existing technologies, and introduce new ones. Innovations that have recently reached their operational stage, or are just completing their development cycle whilst at the end of their testing phase can also qualify for this award. The award places considerable emphasis on creative resourcefulness in environmental management.
Companies, research institutes or individuals may participate in this competition. Winners of the SEC-Senoko Power Green Innovation Awards are given public recognition for their environmentally friendly innovations thorough various SGS related platforms and promotions.

Singapore Environmental Reporting Awards

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